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At Optimum Résumés, we write, revise, and edit résumés helping clients secure interviews, ensuring the next step in their careers.

Whether you are looking for a career change or are currently working and hoping to get promoted, Optimum Résumés will work with you to produce your professional résumé.

We do not work from templates. Optimum Résumés takes a personal approach with each client to get to know their skills and objectives so that we are able to design a résumé specifically for you.

During college marketing, HR, and Public Relations courses, we started helping friends and family design and improve their résumés. We haven't stopped since then, and now have over 15 years of experience writing professional quality résumés, combined with dedicated years in the fields of human resources, staffing, and recruiting. We pay attention to detail, while marketing clients to potential employers and understand how competitive the job market is.  In Latin, "Optimum" means "the best". We picked our name for that reason and that is how Optimum Résumés was born.

So if you are having trouble writing your résumé and not sure how to start, let Optimum Résumés work for you. We have helped countless people land that perfect job.

We make you stand out. We get you noticed.

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